Home, Sickness, and Sunshine

I’ve gathered my notebook and pen; I’ve got a freshly made coffee and I have already bought the cats outside and to spend some time in the backyard with me while I write.  I start again by  writing about  the warmth, the sunshine,  the birds, the trees. I am writing about the external, the place, … Continue reading Home, Sickness, and Sunshine

The Power of Writing and Dreaming in Giving a Voice to the Unspoken Self

With the other side almost in reach I approach carefully hoping to sneak them out. But what if instead I toss my words over the border, or what if I shout them out for everyone to hear. What would those words be, what message do I have that is so important, so urgent, so necessary and so powerful that I would risk my life for it. Do I have anything THAT important to say.